413 Commits (b59e68459b9c0f0f841ae38fedbc572171a2ca69)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  guinux b59e68459b v4.0.0-beta 4 years ago
  guinux f7be6e1e88 fix #108 4 years ago
  guinux bb6f38b4f4 auto search when typing in search bar 4 years ago
  guinux 654a50daf4 fix in case of no url in aur pkg 4 years ago
  guinux 7266a57664 better error handling, fix #103 4 years ago
  guinux 07ee57015b move alpm functions in a separate file, all handled by Transaction 4 years ago
  guinux 7234a4925b little Makefile fix 4 years ago
  guinux 85731c3a9f improve finish transaction handling 4 years ago
  guinux 84bd81d417 add install localtion variables in Makefile 4 years ago
  guinux dd71fd3ecc now transaction functions are a library, see pamac.vapi 4 years ago
  Philip 6b4a935da1 bump version 4 years ago
  guinux 0413523d4c add a custom download function 4 years ago
  guinux 2685c52f49 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/manjaro/pamac 4 years ago
  guinux bbf8f5eb50 display deps for AUR packages 4 years ago
  guinux c010f85ea9 use AUR rpc v5 4 years ago
  guinux 552257c491 switch to aur tab if there is no result in repos and fix search an already selected term 4 years ago
  Philip f4385c0609 bump version 4 years ago
  guinux 1984420add fix transalations 4 years ago
  guinux 3c69d26a92 update translations 4 years ago
  guinux bc5633c157 fix #96, do not auto-hide progress window if details are visible 4 years ago
  guinux 9e8ec2e729 fixes in displaying download time remaining 4 years ago
  guinux e53a71fc3a better hooks support 4 years ago
  guinux d777a60c7a fix #94, do not show tabs if there are only repos updates 4 years ago
  guinux 6a0741e600 remove debug build flags 4 years ago
  guinux e5779dad64 Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/manjaro/pamac 4 years ago
  guinux 7a71e1859e fix #95 and other fixes 4 years ago
  Philip 2993a355f0 it's 2016 now ;) 4 years ago
  Guillaume Benoit 2200d318fc fix #89 4 years ago
  guinux 00553e5e58 v3.0.0 4 years ago
  Philip d7d393ed4e [translations] update da, eu, id, pt_BR, sk 5 years ago
  Philip b024f9a6ae [translations] update pt_BR 5 years ago
  Philip f7e22c5f50 [translations] update es, gl, it, pt_PT, tr 5 years ago
  guinux 60552a1a9e make manager window sensitive when history is shown 5 years ago
  Philip fec09228b0 [translations] update it, ko, pt_PT 5 years ago
  Philip b718f3a160 [Translations] update all translations for v2.4.3 5 years ago
  guinux 31c0625b7a do not list optional deps in orphans 5 years ago
  guinux 00fd98ae27 add build_date for repo pkgs and details tab for AUR pkgs 5 years ago
  Philip ce20a39e6c Merge branch 'master' of github.com:manjaro/pamac 5 years ago
  Philip 5a8bd9653b [translations] update translations 5 years ago
  guinux ad89473d32 use GLib.format_size 5 years ago
  guinux 859f2de6c1 do not refresh is refresh_period is 0 5 years ago
  Philip c6eac457a6 v2.4.1 5 years ago
  Philip f3fdee43cb [translations] update bg, hu, pl, tr, zh_TW 5 years ago
  Philip d8cfeb69e4 [translations] update all files 5 years ago
  guinux f3c6e46baf add search in AUR by default option 5 years ago
  guinux 4f5eeea04b Merge branch 'master' of github.com:manjaro/pamac 5 years ago
  guinux 39725a86eb search aur button off by default 5 years ago
  guinux 9749d5501b forgot a satisfier 5 years ago
  Philip e76907b43c [translations] update bg, cs, es, fr, is, lt, sk, tr, zh_CN, zh_TW 5 years ago
  guinux 69f4b4368e use satisfier for AUR and mirrors support 5 years ago