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  Philip 9f91ea4fb6 [translations] sync with transifex 2 years ago
  guinux 07243e8d77 fix #196 2 years ago
  guinux 106805fb09 try to fix left sidebar too large 2 years ago
  guinux e0dd86389d fix #192 2 years ago
  Philip 24564e2307 [Copyright] update to year 2017 2 years ago
  Philip 68f5de675a [bump] v4.1.7 2 years ago
  Philip ae07e737a2 [translations] sync with transifex 2 years ago
  guinux c0bb696fdc add vala 0.36 support 2 years ago
  guinux c44c9ed991 fix freeze when quick scrolling on refresh period setting 2 years ago
  guinux 34fbd9d4fa change website url 2 years ago
  guinux 9bcd61cfb7 fix #183 2 years ago
  Philip eead56555a [Translations] update 2 years ago
  guinux 1dce4e0603 fix #135 2 years ago
  guinux 6daf46f419 use pkgbase name for yaourt to avoid multiple builds 3 years ago
  guinux 70fe12c83c improve transaction cancellation 3 years ago
  guinux 1315bb265e fix #178 3 years ago
  guinux 06c7ead4f4 fix #181 3 years ago
  guinux c7f42208c0 add timeout to let the time to the daemon to correctly quit after auto refresh 3 years ago
  Philip e4b6528b86 bump 3 years ago
  Philip 05fbc7232f [translations] update pt_BR, hr, pl, gl 3 years ago
  Philip Müller df330758c9 Merge pull request #170 from prescott66/master 3 years ago
  Dušan Kazik a6d2039104 Update pamac-manager.desktop 3 years ago
  Dušan Kazik bf3632920d Update pamac-updater.desktop 3 years ago
  Dušan Kazik f4fc84fc5c Update pamac-manager.desktop 3 years ago
  Dušan Kazik e6ed2839b1 Update pamac-install.desktop 3 years ago
  guinux 71be416317 add a different name for appindicator tray in desktop file 3 years ago
  Philip 8ca6558192 [translations] update them 3 years ago
  guinux f30932ce8b add a dedicated install_pamac-tray-appindicator rule in Makefile 3 years ago
  guinux acfc1a1907 improve custom sort function for search results 3 years ago
  guinux 43d53c14d5 remove no more needed dep for some binaries 3 years ago
  Philip e2eb81c9e5 bump 3 years ago
  guinux 7939cdfa72 update translations 3 years ago
  guinux 0daff87a0e remove unwanted binary 3 years ago
  guinux 6b1bf5cb40 move appindicator support to an optional binary pamac-tray-appindicator 3 years ago
  guinux 9f3127615f Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/manjaro/pamac 3 years ago
  guinux c394a74476 enable left click action in tray icon when using KDE 3 years ago
  Philip d2814514fc update translations 3 years ago
  guinux 5ae7731bcc Merge pull request #160 from oberon2007/master 3 years ago
  Bernhard Landauer 1f34771bce indentation 3 years ago
  guinux a405052cd4 change to a shorter label for the update notification button 3 years ago
  guinux d840b05e91 use appindicator for tray icon if in KDE 3 years ago
  guinux 8d08f87610 remove no more needed file 3 years ago
  guinux 74d1902cc9 add a systemd timer unit to monthly generate mirrorlist 3 years ago
  guinux c38ae38eac permit systemd to log paccache output 3 years ago
  guinux c7a9a0a27c remove no more needed security 3 years ago
  guinux f874b913c0 little fix 3 years ago
  guinux 6bb6de02a7 if db is locked, wait for pacman if running else remove the lock 3 years ago
  guinux da52dc8953 simplify intern transaction handling 3 years ago
  Philip Müller a070046874 Merge pull request #158 from oberon2007/master 3 years ago
  guinux a62fb8fb52 add clearer strings for pacache options 3 years ago