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  aleskva 4dcfa3ff98 Minor cosmetic change to cs.po (#8) 10 months ago
  Chris Cromer 62a9402dac
prepare for 7.2.1 11 months ago
  aleskva 6b8f93fe7e Update 'po/cs.po' (#7) 11 months ago
  ზურა დავითაშვილი 8ca16ace45 [UPDATE] Georgian(ქართული) translation (#6) 11 months ago
  Chris Cromer 06672f6f1f
add notification of transaction finished 11 months ago
  Chris Cromer 49dc0c20a0
prepare 7.1.3 11 months ago
  Chris Cromer d3fe4c0bae
fix vala 0.48 build 11 months ago
  Chris Cromer 9b9880e65d
remove old cmake stuff 11 months ago
  Chris Cromer 9d0aa6f36c
update readme to remove cmake references 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 1d44f7b034
prepare 7.1.2 1 year ago
  ზურა დავითაშვილი 625f8df4aa Georgian(ქართული) translation (#2) 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 53ba5f24b3
update to 7.1.1 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 6a6175478a
fix incorrect cases in switch for libalpm 5.2 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer b6144a7164
update to work with libalpm 5.2 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer e35b4c3ada
Fix build with new version of vala 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer ac4595a8d4
new version 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 285431e0ab
fix tray 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer cd1f361c51
fix path assertion error 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 3b66f68b2c
update deprecated code 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer d7cf388ece
ignore build directory 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer bd560cce39
fix url and copyright year #1 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 7b8bab847d
remove cmake support 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 5c10b15c2b
fix gir issue under cmake 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 2e516f79eb
fix build under cmake 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer b2d5118615
update to work with newever versions of vala 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 783baf464b libalpm 5.1.0 compat 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 6df007636e fix #18 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer bfcd2a9471 update for languages 3 years ago
  geplus 0f94ee13ed Updated italian language (#15) 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer c430e497e3 fix installer not being able to run while a pamac window is open 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 3a9ee17692 fix download size not shown during updates 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 61654163b0 option to update files databases or not 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer ef5a48feef
Merge pull request #13 from cromnix/dev 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 9a87ef0a9d add download and installed size to details 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4209588710 fix aur not showing on preferences change 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer fc47297852 make tray icon config more effecient 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4f71cfa4c2 undo translation to schemas 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer bb96e85e05 gschemas translations and autovala support 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 6f15fc63c4 stop the download of .files databases 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 00f4092ee4 change config to gsettings 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer e8a11f6960 fix window glitch for updater 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 795c0df940 update translations 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 83b7223d7b gnome appmenu 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 90ffcb5fd3 add global menu 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer f545ec85d7 update to new autovala 1.2.0 cmake and meson files 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 0a192c6f62 add install command to examples and update to autovala 1.2.0 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 9b5ed117bc prepare new release 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 3394c6d387 update with autovala 1.1.3 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4f8f6e3637 change project number in pamac.pot 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 9623ed0c3f change the pamac library to pamacclassic 3 years ago