13 Commits (61654163b0fdd6e069752acdfc3e4a9dc1f24ecc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chris Cromer 61654163b0 option to update files databases or not 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 9a87ef0a9d add download and installed size to details 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4f71cfa4c2 undo translation to schemas 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer bb96e85e05 gschemas translations and autovala support 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 795c0df940 update translations 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 90ffcb5fd3 add global menu 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 297e70d124 fix polkit build problem 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer a5a947d1cc fix translations 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 235c95aa2b customized builds 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer abff38f95d revert to 5.1.1 3 years ago
  Philip 86713ef0ed [Translations] sync with transifex 3 years ago
  Philip 4cc4e1dc64 [translations] sync with transifex 3 years ago
  Philip eb00f11f38 [translations] sync with transifex 3 years ago
  guinux deda8208ae implement build functions 3 years ago
  guinux 07243e8d77 fix #196 3 years ago
  guinux a405052cd4 change to a shorter label for the update notification button 4 years ago
  guinux 6bb6de02a7 if db is locked, wait for pacman if running else remove the lock 4 years ago
  guinux a62fb8fb52 add clearer strings for pacache options 4 years ago
  guinux 412d1f9a02 add clean cache feature in preferences (as paccache frontend) 4 years ago
  guinux 6c84122795 v4.1.0-beta 4 years ago
  Philip 0e6851b987 [translations] update copyright 4 years ago
  Philip cc8d67f197 Update all translations for v4.0 4 years ago
  guinux 6046da7729 add headerbars, improve dialogs and updater 4 years ago
  guinux 0105b98f9e little fix in AUR and remove no more needed files 4 years ago
  guinux 6dc6bda00c fix translations 4 years ago
  guinux b59e68459b v4.0.0-beta 4 years ago
  guinux dd71fd3ecc now transaction functions are a library, see pamac.vapi 4 years ago
  guinux 1984420add fix transalations 4 years ago
  guinux 00553e5e58 v3.0.0 4 years ago
  guinux 00fd98ae27 add build_date for repo pkgs and details tab for AUR pkgs 5 years ago
  guinux ad89473d32 use GLib.format_size 5 years ago
  guinux f3c6e46baf add search in AUR by default option 5 years ago
  guinux cad52d23e1 add missing translations of optional_for 5 years ago
  guinux 177dc8e12a v2.4, new preferences dialog 5 years ago
  guinux 147b8d04c8 fix #38 5 years ago
  guinux eb9ace7b82 prepare v2.2 5 years ago
  guinux 20d3b5b991 fix transalations 5 years ago
  Philip b283605e7c Proper Header 5 years ago
  Philip c6b6681cf1 update language files 5 years ago
  guinux 430b514f37 add to possibility to change syncfirst, ignorepkg and mirrors into preferences 5 years ago
  guinux da70da90da fix a bad commit 6 years ago
  guinux e8c13b45bb update translations 6 years ago
  Philip b8153ea474 Pamac 2.0 6 years ago
  guinux 31c90c6419 update po files 6 years ago
  guinux bdb1c679d8 fix #5 6 years ago
  guinux 0d3b34d7c4 add right click menu with multiple selection and fixes 6 years ago
  guinux 0be2ab9500 fix #1 6 years ago
  guinux acaf52d5ae add alpm-package mime type 6 years ago
  guinux fe929692ce add translations 6 years ago
  guinux ebe01e5d44 update alpm bindings and menus 6 years ago