15 Commits (master)

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  Chris Cromer 3b66f68b2c
update deprecated code 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 9623ed0c3f change the pamac library to pamacclassic 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 235c95aa2b customized builds 2 years ago
  Philip 24564e2307 [Copyright] update to year 2017 3 years ago
  guinux 9bcd61cfb7 fix #183 3 years ago
  guinux b59e68459b v4.0.0-beta 4 years ago
  guinux c010f85ea9 use AUR rpc v5 4 years ago
  guinux 00fd98ae27 add build_date for repo pkgs and details tab for AUR pkgs 4 years ago
  guinux 22af5edc77 possibility to ignore some updates in pamac-updater, do not close progress window when yaourt failed and other improvements 5 years ago
  guinux eb9ace7b82 prepare v2.2 5 years ago
  guinux c0d8266d7a push to right file 5 years ago
  guinux 271c4a4204 some code improvements 5 years ago
  guinux 7813d139d9 fix #26 5 years ago
  guinux 61f1bec6a5 port to pacman 4.2 5 years ago
  Philip b8153ea474 Pamac 2.0 5 years ago
  guinux db61ae3929 fix multiple words search in AUR 5 years ago
  guinux 60a34f6681 first commit 5 years ago