748 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  guinux b331df8394 work on display sizes 7 years ago
  guinux a2221d7605 big manager improvements 7 years ago
  guinux 1bcbcc3c81 fix 2 bugs and autosyncfirst pamac 7 years ago
  guinux caca63de0e last fixes for next release 7 years ago
  guinux 8a5abb4b47 many fixes 7 years ago
  guinux 73e1e8d6c0 finnally got it ;) 7 years ago
  guinux 76714eedb8 small fixes 7 years ago
  guinux 3aa7b124a0 some esthetic improvements 7 years ago
  guinux e2e90eca22 Merge branch 'master' of git.manjaro.org:core/pamac 7 years ago
  guinux 5dd644ecc4 pamac-daemon moved as bin, many fixes 7 years ago
  Roland Singer 5dbca56380 Improved a little the GUI interface: Added margins to button boxes... 7 years ago
  guinux 96728a14b0 many little improvements 7 years ago
  guinux 6d29958378 somes check-conflicts fixes and errors handler test 7 years ago
  guinux 53168a6015 write now transactions in /var/log/pamac.log file 7 years ago
  guinux 39f0eb8b28 working tray 7 years ago
  guinux fa9c44aec8 good progress 7 years ago
  guinux 79ce2f61c5 little fixes and progress on tray 7 years ago
  guinux 91f3411f28 some fixes and continue tray work 7 years ago
  guinux 0adb27f955 another step to master the world 7 years ago
  guinux 5741cf9f5e incredibily improve check conflicts 7 years ago
  guinux ed8deca51a some updater fixes 7 years ago
  guinux c57bf16d37 hot fixes 7 years ago
  guinux 1909911197 late fixes 7 years ago
  guinux 6119f97126 first provides implementation, smarter than pacman ;) 7 years ago
  guinux d08e0aac2f improved conflicts and provides handling 7 years ago
  guinux 90b04d0319 continue 7 years ago
  guinux fd63f7a36d begin multiples provides handling 7 years ago
  guinux 4b859f0eb6 some improvements 7 years ago
  guinux a769f4e397 improve updates and conflicts handling 7 years ago
  guinux acf5f9f66c correct bugs 7 years ago
  guinux be6686229c some adjustements 7 years ago
  guinux 5974e58935 first release using dbus 7 years ago
  guinux faf63b6780 promising work 7 years ago
  guinux a9d1c0ed93 work in progress 7 years ago
  guinux 5b50e92cc8 I think I made it (hope, hope) 7 years ago
  guinux 5982973656 big rewrite with a dbus service, not finished atm 8 years ago
  guinux 9095ef993c another try 8 years ago
  guinux 5ecbbbd9c3 fix handling conflicts (I hope) 8 years ago
  guinux 41d81d5de1 use icons 8 years ago
  guinux c82c493e8a really have no brain 8 years ago
  guinux 243cb55dcc last adjustements (hope) 8 years ago
  guinux 344c64ac5b some adjustements 8 years ago
  guinux 77940c5eee add desktop, icon and setup files 8 years ago
  guinux 520648ac58 use backend package 8 years ago
  guinux faf0065468 usable update manager and conflicts support added 8 years ago
  guinux 1a65d11a37 working update manager 8 years ago
  guinux 6aaa0494a1 gitignore 8 years ago
  guinux 9a889ff093 first commit 8 years ago