56 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chris Cromer 1d44f7b034
prepare 7.1.2 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 7b8bab847d
remove cmake support 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 2e516f79eb
fix build under cmake 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 6df007636e fix #18 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer bfcd2a9471 update for languages 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 61654163b0 option to update files databases or not 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4f71cfa4c2 undo translation to schemas 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer bb96e85e05 gschemas translations and autovala support 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 00f4092ee4 change config to gsettings 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 83b7223d7b gnome appmenu 3 years ago
  Chris Cromer 90ffcb5fd3 add global menu 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer f545ec85d7 update to new autovala 1.2.0 cmake and meson files 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 9623ed0c3f change the pamac library to pamacclassic 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 282043e753 add build option to enable/install update desktop entry 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 47d7184638 update build with new autovala 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 6771e2cdf5 remove itstool and use gettext 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 297e70d124 fix polkit build problem 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4ba5978027 reuse more code 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 6d72231ba1 add font selection for terminal 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer b47e208dd6 add terminal colors 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 04bd445538 readd meson 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 082f63603a add pamac-cache-clean and save cache options 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 1adbd17b34 fix binary name 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 705f49b80a remove update desktop entry 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 1cb7e1ef93 fix gitignore 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 235c95aa2b customized builds 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer 8a1f88d8f9 add build dir 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer b5ea6cbddb change categories for pamac 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer abff38f95d revert to 5.1.1 4 years ago
  guinux 20e42b6a75 save cache options in pamac.conf 4 years ago
  guinux 38a0f61ebd remove SearchAURByDefault option and add BuildDirectory option 4 years ago
  guinux 80ea4ea70f add appstream support and redesign ui 4 years ago
  guinux d661c573f9 v4.9.0 4 years ago
  guinux 511c03dfa4 fix #199 4 years ago
  guinux eff5404971 fix #242 4 years ago
  Chris Cromer e017be25ee added pkg.tar.gz 4 years ago
  Dušan Kazik a6d2039104 Update pamac-manager.desktop 5 years ago
  Dušan Kazik bf3632920d Update pamac-updater.desktop 5 years ago
  Dušan Kazik f4fc84fc5c Update pamac-manager.desktop 5 years ago
  Dušan Kazik e6ed2839b1 Update pamac-install.desktop 5 years ago
  guinux 71be416317 add a different name for appindicator tray in desktop file 5 years ago
  guinux 6b1bf5cb40 move appindicator support to an optional binary pamac-tray-appindicator 5 years ago
  Bernhard Landauer 1f34771bce indentation 5 years ago
  guinux 74d1902cc9 add a systemd timer unit to monthly generate mirrorlist 5 years ago
  guinux c38ae38eac permit systemd to log paccache output 5 years ago
  Bernhard Landauer 982d6c8570 be polite and wait for mhwd-live script https://bugs.manjaro.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=14 5 years ago
  guinux 603bbb2a05 add a systemd timer to monthly clean cache (paccache -r) 5 years ago
  guinux f3c6e46baf add search in AUR by default option 6 years ago
  guinux 177dc8e12a v2.4, new preferences dialog 6 years ago
  guinux 78d407c771 fix #51 6 years ago