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A graphical package manager for pacman


  • Alpm bindings for Vala
  • A DBus daemon to perform every tasks with root access using polkit to check authorizations
  • A Gtk3 Package Manager
  • A Gtk3 Updates Manager
  • A Tray icon with configurable periodic refresh and updates notifications
  • Complete AUR support:
    • Multiple words search capability
    • Enable/Disable check updates from AUR
    • Build and update AUR packages

How to build


  • GTK+: 3.0
  • GIO: 2.0
  • GLib: 2.38
  • GObject: 2.0
  • Json-Glib: 1.0
  • libalpm
  • libcurl
  • LibSoup: 2.4
  • polkit-gobject-1
  • libnotify
  • vte: 2.91
  • appindicator-gtk3 (optional to build KDE tray icon)
  • CMake
  • Vala: 0.38
  • AutoVala: 1.2.0 (optional to regenerate CMake and Meson files)

Using Meson with Ninja

mkdir build
cd build
meson \
    --prefix=/usr \
ninja install

Extra build flags

  • -DDISABLE_AUR=ON (to disable AUR in Pamac)
  • -DKDE_TRAY=ON (to build kde tray icon instead of gtk tray icon)
  • -DENABLE_UPDATE_ICON=ON (to install the update desktop entry)
  • -DICON_UPDATE=OFF (to disable updating the icon cache)
  • -DENABLE_HAMBURGER=ON (to build with the classic hamburger menu)