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Chris Cromer d7cf388ece
ignore build directory 3 years ago
Chris Cromer f545ec85d7 update to new autovala 1.2.0 cmake and meson files 4 years ago
Chris Cromer 47d7184638 update build with new autovala 4 years ago
Chris Cromer 6d72231ba1 add font selection for terminal 4 years ago
Chris Cromer b47e208dd6 add terminal colors 4 years ago
Chris Cromer 1cb7e1ef93 fix gitignore 4 years ago
Chris Cromer 235c95aa2b customized builds 4 years ago
Chris Cromer abff38f95d revert to 5.1.1 4 years ago
guinux 20e42b6a75 save cache options in pamac.conf 4 years ago
guinux d661c573f9 v4.9.0 5 years ago
guinux 0daff87a0e remove unwanted binary 5 years ago
guinux dd71fd3ecc now transaction functions are a library, see pamac.vapi 6 years ago
Romain Failliot c6b29785f5 Add *.swp in .gitignore for vim files 7 years ago
guinux 5f1c96e479 improve memory management 7 years ago
Philip b8153ea474 Pamac 2.0 7 years ago
guinux 8ca909659a update README and tx config 7 years ago
guinux 31c90c6419 update po files 7 years ago
guinux bdb1c679d8 fix #5 7 years ago
guinux 93bd73a3fc improve makefiles 7 years ago
guinux 03638f6375 fix transaction summary 7 years ago
Philip bc0c806477 Translations 8 years ago
guinux 7bbe3a50ba rewrite of check updates, config parser improvements, AUR support improvements 8 years ago
guinux 715a0a6adf big update with pamac-daemon back 8 years ago
guinux 916ca6a8e3 work on pamac-install to install local packages from file manager or terminal 9 years ago
guinux 79ce2f61c5 little fixes and progress on tray 9 years ago
guinux 91f3411f28 some fixes and continue tray work 9 years ago
guinux 6aaa0494a1 gitignore 9 years ago
guinux 9a889ff093 first commit 9 years ago