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<b>Linux:</b> <a href='EDD-1.0.4.tar.gz'>click to download linux binary</a><br><hr>
<b>Webstart:</b> <a href='Estructuras_de_Datos.jnlp' onclick="return launchApplication('Estructuras_de_Datos.jnlp');">click to launch this app as webstart</a><br><hr>
<b>Embedded:</b> <a href='edd.html'>click to launch this app as embedded app</a><br><hr><br>
<b>Source code:</b> <a href=''>github</a><br><hr>
<b>Source code:</b> <a href=''>git repo</a><br><hr>
<b>Documetation:</b> <a href='doc/index.html'>JavaDoc</a><br><hr>
<b>Documetation:</b> <a href='doc/index-all.html'>JavaDoc Index</a><br><hr>
<b>Diagram:</b> <a href='diagrama.png'>UML</a>