This is the server used in our title project.
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Alai Server

This is the server which will host the Alai game binaries, backend API that receives game data, and maybe at some point a frontend for all of that.


  • Christohper Cromer
  • Martín Araneda Acuña


The server is licensed under the 3-Clause BSD License.

Backend API

The backend is written in go and uses gorm to handle its database schema.


The directory game should contain the binaries for Alai which will be exposed through nginx for downloading.


Before the server can be built and run, a .env file should be created based on .env.example. If the server is going to be public facing, make sure to change all the secrets and passwords to make it more secure.

Build and run

docker-compose up -d --build

Stop the server

docker-compose down