QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<a href="system_commands.html">System commands</a><p>
Switched between CGA and RGB graphics modes. This is only useful when the interpreter is running in one of these modes (either it is running on a computer with a CGA graphics adapter or the
interpreter has been loaded with the -C or -R parameters). Note that although Sierra's DOS interpreter will run in these modes, newer interpreters may not.
This command does not really have any practical use. It was available from a menu item in Sierra's AGI games (the menu item was only present when running in these modes). The template game does not
include this menu item, however. If you do want to run the game in these modes, just type sierra -c or sierra -r at the DOS prompt (assuming you are using Sierra's interpreter). CGA mode uses the
black-cyan-magenta-white CGA colour palette while RGB mode uses the blue-yellow-red-green CGA palette.
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