QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<h1>TODO (QT AGI Studio v1.3.2)</h1>
<i>This is not a development plan but rather an unsorted list of ideas. You are welcome to contribute. :-)</i>
<li>extract view, picture and sound resources in different (not only raw) formats (partially implemented for the picture - preview "save as")
<li>opening resource editors without opening the game
<li>editing several games simultaneously
<li>better painting tools (fix fill bugs, implement select + move and select + copy-paste)
<li>import views from different image formats
<li>views containing text (option to set fonts/colors/etc)
<li>enhance the text/logic editor, adding common editor functions, like
indent, replace, insert file, copy block to file, etc. (Integrate QtScite?)
<li>highlight the line with the compilation error
<li>a possibility to define an external editor (such as Emacs) while still having the option to compile /save_all /compile_all
<li>"shortcuts" to automatically generate some commonly used pieces of code, for example defining a new inventory object and placing it on screen (this particular option needs to work together with the picture, view, words and objects editor, so it could use some kind of drag&drop as well)
<li>improve ways to edit already existing pictures (modify existing commands, translate operations)
<li>fix the elusive crash bugs related to opening some background images
<li>options to make the editing more convenient and more like the other editors
(copy/paste, dragging objects, etc)
<li>sound editor
<li>sound converters
<li>optional autosave
<li>improve the online help (search by keywords)
<li>enhance the appearance (let the user choose fonts/colors)
<li>MDI mode perhaps?
<li>port to other Unix platforms
<li>improve the compilation/installation process
<li>check the available AGI hacks (256 colour pic, etc), think if some of them
can be incorporated into the program