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<TITLE>Special flags</TITLE></HEAD>
<h1>Special flags</h1>
Some flags have special meaning to the interpreter:<p>
Flag Define name in template game Meaning (when set)
This indicates that ego's baseline (the
0 ego_on_water bottom row of pixels) is completely on
water (pixels with a priority of 3)
1 ego_hidden Ego is completely hidden by something
else on screen
2 input_received Input has been received from the player
All or part of ego's baseline (the bottom
3 ego_touching_signal_line row of pixels) is touching a signal line
(pixels with a priority of 2)
The input received from the player has
4 input_parsed been parsed (the said command has
returned true at some point)
5 new_room This is the the first cycle in a new room
6 game_restarted This is the first cycle since the game
has been restarted
7 script_buffer_blocked Prevents the interpreter from writing to
the script buffer
8 joystick_sensitivity_set Indicates that v15 specifies the joystick
9 sound_on The sound is on
10 trace_enabled Trace mode is enabled
11 first_logic0_cycle This is the first time logic 0 has been
12 game_restored This is the first cycle since a game has
been restored
The player is allowed to select an
inventory item in the inventory screen.
13 inventory_select_enabled When the item has been selected, v25
(selected_inventory_item) is set to the
number of the item selected (or 255 if
ESC is pressed).
14 menu_enabled The menu is enabled
Windows created by print and similar
commands remain on screen until the
close.window command is used. If this
15 windows_remain flag is not set, the windows remain on
screen until the user presses a key or
for the time specified by v21
<B>See also</B><p>
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