QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<a href="extra_commands.html">Extra commands</a><p>
This command modifies the behavior of the commands restore.game() and save.game().<p>
After calling set.simple(n), where n is a string number (ie: if n == 2 then s2) restore.game() will automatically (without any prompt) restore a savegame with the name stored in string number n and save.game() will automatically save a savegame with the name of string number n.<p>
Note: make sure that at least one savegame is present when you call restore.game() or save.game() (that is, when saving a game too).<p>
This will automatically load the savegame named "test".<p>
<B>See also</B><p>
<a href="restore_game.html">restore.game</a><p>
<a href="save_game.html">save.game</a><p>