QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<TITLE>Rebuilding the VOL files</TITLE></HEAD>
<h1>Rebuilding the VOL files</h1>
This is the process of taking all the resources in a game and putting them in new VOL files. The time it takes depends on the size of the game, whether or not the resources are compressed, and the
speed of your computer. Usually its between 1 and 20 seconds.
Note that the original AGI games were designed to be able to run from 360k floppy disks, where each VOL file went on a different disk. Because of this, each resource was carefully put on the right
disk to minimise disk-swapping. When AGI Studio rebuilds the VOL files, it does not take any of this into account. This will not be a problem unless you then want to go and run the game off 360k
floppies (the rebuilt files will may be too big to fit anyway).
In version 3 games, the resources are not compressed when the VOL files are rebuilt so the game will be a bit bigger if it was previously compressed.<p>
To rebuild the VOL files, select 'Rebuild VOL files' from the 'Resource' menu.<p>
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