QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<a href="display_commands.html">Display commands</a><p>
Message A is displayed in a window. If f15 is not set, then the window remains for 1/2 * v21 seconds (provided v21 is greater than 0) or until a key is pressed. If f15 is set, then the window remains
until a <a href="close_window.html">close.window</a> command is issued.
<B>See also</B><p>
<a href="print_v.html">print.v</a><p>
<a href="print_at.html">print.at</a><p>
<a href="print_at_v.html">print.at.v</a><p>
<a href="close_window.html">close.window</a><p>