QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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Objects (sometimes as referred to as "screen objects", and not to be confused with "inventory objects") are what provide the animation in AGI games. They can represent various things such as characters,
background animations or still props. Each object has a view assigned to it, and can be placed anywhere on screen and moved around.
Object 0, commonly referred to as "ego", is special. This is the object that the player moves around using the arrow keys.<p>
<a href="initializing_objects.html">Initializing objects</a><p>
<a href="cycling_objects.html">Cycling objects</a><p>
<a href="positioning_objects.html">Positioning objects</a><p>
<a href="moving_objects.html">Moving objects</a><p>
<a href="controlling_obstacles.html">Controlling obstacles</a><p>
<a href="priorities.html">Priorities</a><p>
<B>See also</B><p>
<a href="object_commands.html">Object/view commands</a><p>