QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<TITLE>Files used by AGI</TITLE></HEAD>
<h1>Files used by AGI</h1>
These are the files that contain the actual data for the game.<p>
Vol files (VOL.*): These files contain the resources. They are stored one after the other in the file, with a small header at the start of each resource identifying its size.<p>
Directory files (LOGDIR, PICDIR, VIEWDIR, SNDDIR): These store the locations of each resource in the VOL files.<p>
OBJECT and WORDS.TOK: See <a href="data_used.html">data used by AGI</a> section<p>
In version 3, the VOL files have the game ID in front of them (e.g. KQ4VOL.0) and all the directory files are combined into one file (e.g. KQ4DIR)<p>
If you want to know the format of these files, check out AGI Specs.<p>
These are the files used by Sierra's original DOS interpreter. Other interpreters will use different files.<p>
<li>AGI: The interpreter itself
<li>AGIDATA.OVL: Data used by the interpreter
<li>Other .OVL files: Graphics drivers
<li>SIERRA.COM: The loader file. Sometimes named after the game (e.g. SQ.COM). This loads the AGI file into memory, decrypts it, and then runs it.
<a href="data_used.html">Back to data used by AGI</a><p>