QT AGIStudio allows AGI games to be created or edited.
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<TITLE>Extracting resources</TITLE></HEAD>
<h1>Extracting resources</h1>
To extract a resource, click on the resource you wish to extract and select 'Extract' from the 'Resource' menu.<p>
When the resource is extracted, it is saved to disk in its raw format (i.e. not converted to another format such as BMP or midi), except for the LOGIC resource. You can choose in the 'Settings' menu if you want to extract the LOGIC resources as text (i.e. the same way as you see them in the Logic editor) or raw. (the default is text). The 5 byte or 7 byte resource header used in the VOL files is not
saved as this is not part of the resource. In version 3 games, the resource is uncompressed before saving to disk.
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