2 Commits (b2d511861509285381b7fcee20115d5d9a3970cd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Chris Cromer 00f4092ee4 change config to gsettings 5 years ago
Chris Cromer 082f63603a add pamac-cache-clean and save cache options 5 years ago
Chris Cromer 235c95aa2b customized builds 5 years ago
guinux deda8208ae implement build functions 5 years ago
Philip 24564e2307 [Copyright] update to year 2017 6 years ago
guinux 92191382bc v4.1.0-beta2 6 years ago
guinux 6046da7729 add headerbars, improve dialogs and updater 6 years ago
guinux dd71fd3ecc now transaction functions are a library, see pamac.vapi 6 years ago
guinux 22af5edc77 possibility to ignore some updates in pamac-updater, do not close progress window when yaourt failed and other improvements 7 years ago
guinux eb9ace7b82 prepare v2.2 7 years ago
Philip b8153ea474 Pamac 2.0 8 years ago
guinux 60a34f6681 first commit 8 years ago