11 Commits (3b66f68b2c6df7db32e2e8fed68b845e13c68f1a)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Chris Cromer 3b66f68b2c
update deprecated code 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer bd560cce39
fix url and copyright year #1 1 year ago
  Chris Cromer 6df007636e fix #18 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 9a87ef0a9d add download and installed size to details 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4209588710 fix aur not showing on preferences change 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 00f4092ee4 change config to gsettings 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer e8a11f6960 fix window glitch for updater 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 83b7223d7b gnome appmenu 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 90ffcb5fd3 add global menu 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 6d72231ba1 add font selection for terminal 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 235c95aa2b customized builds 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 3d5d662152 bug fix release 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 76ddc42d04 prepare new release 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer 4379723efe update to 5.1.2 2 years ago
  Chris Cromer abff38f95d revert to 5.1.1 2 years ago
  guinux a2bd9f9ea8 fix #321 2 years ago
  guinux bad4624c3b switch to AUR tab when no result in repos 2 years ago
  Philip 9d952a5c13 [translations] sync with transifex 2 years ago
  guinux cce060f221 fix #294 2 years ago
  guinux 83dedfc08f fix #303 2 years ago
  guinux 34130bb2f5 refresh packages when external app changed dbs 2 years ago
  Philip f4ea6da215 v6.0.1 2 years ago
  guinux 72259da0b7 fix move window 2 years ago
  guinux 36c76e18ef some infos display improvements 2 years ago
  guinux 6578218790 v6.0.0 2 years ago
  guinux 38a0f61ebd remove SearchAURByDefault option and add BuildDirectory option 2 years ago
  guinux bbd83ded95 add a select all button 2 years ago
  guinux 80ea4ea70f add appstream support and redesign ui 2 years ago
  guinux 282aedada1 fix #282 2 years ago
  guinux e9076f605e v5.1.0 2 years ago
  guinux c06def8405 v5.0.0 2 years ago
  guinux fe4f6a4102 fix details for aur updates 2 years ago
  Philip 4cc4e1dc64 [translations] sync with transifex 2 years ago
  guinux 4a370af658 some fixes 2 years ago
  guinux d661c573f9 v4.9.0 2 years ago
  guinux 31d8491874 add Alt+Left (back) and Ctrl+F (search) keybindings 3 years ago
  guinux 5daa7abd50 fix #244 3 years ago
  guinux ea783f09c5 fix #228 3 years ago
  guinux e1569c9c80 fix cursor display at start 3 years ago
  guinux 63fa45284a Refresh Databases option now forces the refresh 3 years ago
  guinux e16edcb02a fix #227, enable AUR package reinstall 3 years ago
  guinux 9ac8dc81e6 some fixes 3 years ago
  guinux 61981732bf little fix in pendings display 3 years ago
  guinux bfee1fcc52 add files db support 3 years ago
  guinux 6706273094 remove no more needed check in depstring 3 years ago
  guinux e9b8a03acf fix #197 3 years ago
  guinux deda8208ae implement build functions 3 years ago
  guinux 971b765ed8 remove no more need search_aur_button 3 years ago
  Philip 24564e2307 [Copyright] update to year 2017 3 years ago
  guinux 1315bb265e fix #178 3 years ago