This repo contains software to build linux from scratch and package it into rpm files.
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%global debug_package %{nil}
Summary: Meta package for LFS Base installation
Name: base
Version: 9.1
Release: 1
License: None
URL: None
Group: LFS/Base
# LFS Chapter 6
Requires: acl
Requires: attr
Requires: autoconf
Requires: automake
Requires: bash
Requires: bc
Requires: binutils
Requires: bison
Requires: bzip2
Requires: check
Requires: coreutils
Requires: diffutils
Requires: e2fsprogs
Requires: eudev
Requires: expat
Requires: file
Requires: filesystem
Requires: findutils
Requires: flex
Requires: gawk
Requires: gcc
Requires: gdbm
Requires: gettext
Requires: glibc
Requires: gmp
Requires: gperf
Requires: grep
Requires: groff
Requires: grub
Requires: gzip
Requires: iana-etc
Requires: inetutils
Requires: intltool
Requires: iproute2
Requires: kbd
Requires: kmod
Requires: less
Requires: lfs-bootscripts
Requires: libcap
Requires: libelf
Requires: libffi
Requires: libpipeline
Requires: libtool
Requires: linux
Requires: linux-api-headers
Requires: m4
Requires: make
Requires: man-db
Requires: man-pages
Requires: meson
Requires: mpc
Requires: mpfr
Requires: ncurses
Requires: ninja
Requires: openssl
Requires: patch
Requires: perl
Requires: pkg-config
Requires: procps-ng
Requires: psmisc
Requires: python3
Requires: readline
Requires: sed
Requires: shadow
Requires: sysklogd
Requires: sysvinit
Requires: tar
Requires: texinfo
Requires: tzdata
Requires: util-linux
Requires: vim
Requires: XML-Parser
Requires: xz
Requires: zlib
Requires: zstd
Requires: cpio
Requires: mkinitramfs
Requires: popt
Requires: rpm
Requires: wget
Requires: linux-firmware
Summary: Meta package for LFS Base installation
* Sun May 31 2020 Chris Cromer <> 9.1-1
- LFS-9.1
* Sat May 30 2020 Chris Cromer <> 8.4-2
- Add linux-firmware and remove other firmwares
* Mon Apr 29 2019 baho-utot <> 8.4-1
- LFS-8.4
* Mon Oct 01 2018 baho-utot <> 8.2-1
- LFS-8.2