Estructuras de Datos shows various data structures visually
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  2. Certain files distributed by Oracle America, Inc. and/or its affiliates are
  3. subject to the following clarification and special exception to the GPLv2,
  4. based on the GNU Project exception for its Classpath libraries, known as the
  5. GNU Classpath Exception.
  6. Note that Oracle includes multiple, independent programs in this software
  7. package. Some of those programs are provided under licenses deemed
  8. incompatible with the GPLv2 by the Free Software Foundation and others.
  9. For example, the package includes programs licensed under the Apache
  10. License, Version 2.0 and may include FreeType. Such programs are licensed
  11. to you under their original licenses.
  12. Oracle facilitates your further distribution of this package by adding the
  13. Classpath Exception to the necessary parts of its GPLv2 code, which permits
  14. you to use that code in combination with other independent modules not
  15. licensed under the GPLv2. However, note that this would not permit you to
  16. commingle code under an incompatible license with Oracle's GPLv2 licensed
  17. code by, for example, cutting and pasting such code into a file also
  18. containing Oracle's GPLv2 licensed code and then distributing the result.
  19. Additionally, if you were to remove the Classpath Exception from any of the
  20. files to which it applies and distribute the result, you would likely be
  21. required to license some or all of the other code in that distribution under
  22. the GPLv2 as well, and since the GPLv2 is incompatible with the license terms
  23. of some items included in the distribution by Oracle, removing the Classpath
  24. Exception could therefore effectively compromise your ability to further
  25. distribute the package.
  26. Failing to distribute notices associated with some files may also create
  27. unexpected legal consequences.
  28. Proceed with caution and we recommend that you obtain the advice of a lawyer
  29. skilled in open source matters before removing the Classpath Exception or
  30. making modifications to this package which may subsequently be redistributed
  31. and/or involve the use of third party software.